Dream On, Dancing Queen by Chloe Laube


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“Would you care to dance?” he asked.

Would she ever! Just one look and Cara’s heart is hooked. She dances into the arms of this debonair stranger—and into an impetuous, magical romance.

Cara and her best friend Josie are cruising the Mediterranean, and Cara immediately falls for handsome, cavalier, and very Italian Nick. Josie pegs Nick as a no-good opportunist, but Cara, smitten beyond reason, insists Nick is the man for her. Bonding as tight as any Italian meatball, Cara and Nick begin an odyssey filled with pasta and passion.

A bit of temper surfaces, but Cara dismisses it. After all, Nick is Italian. Then startling mood swings and explosive anger begin to strike fear in her heart. Afraid to confront him and afraid not to—Cara is terrified.

Could Josie have been right?

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